Welcome to Virtual Church @LI Presbytery

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Happy Memorial Day weekend. As was previously communicated via email on Friday,  we are taking advantage of a Presbytery wide virtual church service today. 

Our executive presbyter, Mark Tammen, will be preaching in today's virtual service. You can view this service via the LI Presbytery youtube page.

The order of service (similar to the bulletin) and lyric sheets for the music for this virtual service is available on this page so that you can download them prior to the service. 

Communion will be celebrated so have your elements prepared ahead of time. Enjoy the service and have a great weekend. Peace, Robert

How to Navigate the virtual service:

  • Be sure to be ready with the communion elements for everyone in your household
  • click on the links below to download the Order of Service and Song Lyrics documents prior to viewing the service
  • click on the Virtual Service for 5-24 link below to view the service. 
  • Unlike our regular MPC virtual service, this service is one file, not individual files, so you only need to click on one link to view the whole service. 
  • You can pause the service at any time by pausing the youtube video
  • It is recommended to watch the video in full screen mode, or "theater mode", which can be accessed immediately below the video on the right side of the screen. 

Click Here for the Order of Service Document

Click Here for the Song Lyrics

Virtual Service for 5-24 from the Presbytery Youtube page