MPC Statement Regarding the COVID-19 Virus

UPDATE:  09/23/2020

Dear Church Family:

          We are happy to announce that we will be returning to worship in the sanctuary and the building being reopened for use.  The building will open for use on October 1, 2020 and we will begin worship services in the Sanctuary on October 4, 2020.

          As you can imagine, there will be a number of changes going forward.  We want to take the time to detail those changes now, before we get back in the building.  The safety and health of everyone who enters our building is in the forefront of our minds.  To that end, The Reopening Task Force has worked hard to put the following plans in place.

          On October 4, we will resume worship in the sanctuary. 

         Services will be at 9:00 am (Family Service) and 11:00 am (Sacred Music).

          As we are now indoors with a larger group of people, masks must be worn at all times while in the building.  A limited           number of masks will be available, should you forget yours.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance doors.

          When we take Communion, the elements will be offered in sealed packets, which can be picked up as you

          enter the  church through the Narthex.

          You will also notice that some pews have been marked off.  Please respect this as it helps with social distancing.

          While in the sanctuary, please sit in family groups, with 6 feet between the family groups.

          The first thing you will notice is that there is nothing in the pew racks.  For the foreseeable future, we will not be using

          hymnals in our worship service.  Lyrics to the Worship Songs and Hymns will be on the large screen in front and in

          your bulletins.  Please sing along with the music softly, so as to not cause infectious droplets to spread.

          When you exit the building, please use the nearest exit.  If it is congested, please wait or use a different one.  Please

         do not congregate in the aisles.  We can all socialize outside on the lawn after service.

         On October 1, we will resume many of our activities in the building, such as meetings, Home Groups and rehearsals.

         Please use the entrance designated by your Group leader, as that may be the only entrance open.

         If you are in the building for a meeting, respect the set-up of the room.  We have determined the maximum amount of

         people that can be in a room safely.  Please wear your mask at all times while in the building.

         Please respect the signs that have closed off parts of our building.  These areas are cleaned and disinfected for future


         During the week the building will remain locked in order to protect our hard-working staff.  If you need to access the

         building, please use the red doors and ring the doorbell.  You will be admitted.  Don’t forget your mask.

          In order to keep everyone safe, all commonly handled surfaces, such as doorknobs and pew back rails will be disinfected between services and meetings.  To further keep our building safe, the doors have been rekeyed.  This is being done in an effort to keep us all safe.  New keys have been issued to those who have an immediate need of them at this time.

         Finally, we are asking that everyone take some responsibility for everyone’s safety. 

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
  • If you or a family member come into contact with an infected person, please report the contact and quarantine.
  • If you have traveled recently, self-quarantine.

         We look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

The Reopening Task Force,

Rick Marino, Bob Mueller, Randy Staudinger, Ruthanne Woodhull, Pastor Robert Zemke


UPDATE: 07/12/2020

Dear Church Family,

The Reopening Task Force and the Session have decided that church services will be on the front lawn of the church throughout the summer at 9am and 10:30am and the church building will remain closed for that period. We have erected a tent on the lawn to provide shade and protection from the rain so services will be rain or shine. 

We will look to re-open the church building and move services inside after Labor Day.

While we meet as a church outdoors, please keep the following in mind: 

  • Please plan to observe social distancing and wear a mask as you attend the service
  • Entrance through the front of the building is not allowed. The downstairs bathrooms near the thrift shop can be accesses via the outside stairs on the side of the building. 
  • Please bring a lawn chair and/or bug spay
  • Printed bulletins are available
  • Parking in the church driveway is available and will be closed off when the service starts.

Grace and Peace,

The Session                                                        Reopening Task Force

Mark Desantis                                                      Bob Mueller

Robin Doroski                                                      John Rose

Ed Harbes                                                            Randy Staudinger

Bob Harrington                                                     Ruthanne Woodhull (Clerk) 

Prudence Heston                                                  Robert Zemke (Pastor) 

Rick Marino

Sheila Minor

John Rose

Ruthanne Woodhull (Clerk of Session)

Robert Zemke (Pastor)


UPDATE:  06/12/2020

Dear Church Family,


The Reopening Task Force and the Session are excited to announce that we have decided to have our first service outdoors in front of the church (weather permitting) on June 28th. We will have two services, at 9 am and 10:30 am. We will then have our first service inside the church on July 12th. There will be more details about the outdoor service in the next week or so. We look forward to finally seeing one another on a Sunday and worshipping together.


Grace and Peace,


The Session                                                               Reopening Task Force

Mark Desantis                                                            Bob Mueller

Robin Doroski                                                            John Rose

Ed Harbes                                                                  Randy Staudinger

Bob Harrington                                                          Ruthanne Woodhull (Clerk)

Prudence Heston                                                       Robert Zemke (Pastor)

Rick Marino

Sheila Minor

John Rose

Ruthanne Woodhull (Clerk of Session)

Robert Zemke (Pastor)


UPDATE:  06/05/2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


It has been a tumultuous three months.  We all look forward to being together soon and worshipping with one another.  We wanted to give an update on our reopening plans.


The Hanly Home Group will be meeting outside their home this coming week.  For right now the church is asking all groups that meet to have 10 or fewer participants, keep 6 feet apart, and to attend a meeting with a mask to put on if needed and or agreed upon.   


The Session has decided along with the Reopening Task Force to have our first meeting inside our church when we begin Phase 4.  We will worship together outside sometime in Phase 3.   


We will keep you posted as there will be changes as we get closer to worshipping with one another.  


Blessings and Peace,


The Session and Reopening Task Force

Due to the States of Emergency issued by Southold Town and Suffolk County, we are closing the Church building as of Friday, 3-13-2020, until further notice. This includes Sunday Worship Services, all meetings, rehearsals, Bible Studies, the Thrift Shop, Food Pantry and John’s Place

The Coffee Fellowships scheduled for March 22 and March 29 are postponed and will be rescheduled in late May or early June. We are not making any changes to our Easter schedule at this time, in the hope that the

State of Emergency will be lifted by that time.

There will be no activities in the Church building until the State of Emergency is lifted. We make this decision not out of fear or alarm, but out of desire to honor God by loving our neighbors well, particularly the most vulnerable both in our congregation and in our community. We will be monitoring this situation very closely. 

Please look for updates concerning Sunday Services and the state of the

Church building every Friday.

While the Church building is closed, the Church office staff

will be working on a limited basis. 

If you need to communicate a need, please use the following emails:

Dorothy Catapano, Office Administrator –

Pastor Robert Zemke –

Pat Hanly, Pastoral Associate –

To support our congregation, we are establishing an MPC hotline for anyone who has an immediate pastoral or practical need. During regular church office hours, please call the office at 631-298-4145. If it is after hours, please call

Pat Hanly at 631-312-0824 or Pastor Robert at 917-690-1762. 

We are assembling a team of people that will be available to assist

our congregants with any emergencies or special needs.

We will be providing a Sunday Morning Church Service via video, as well as sermons and other teachings over Zoom during the week to our website while the Church building is closed. So please check the link in the header entitled "Sunday Worship, <date>, this Sunday at 10 am for our video church service. 

We encourage you to watch or listen during this trying time. 

We are also exploring other avenues to encourage you.

While the Church building is closed, it will be cleaned and sanitized.

We join you in praying for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, our church and community

as we navigate this crisis. We know that we have nothing to fear, as God is with us.